Janice Savage visited my home a couple weeks back to help me rethink how I use certain spaces. From the moment she arrived, she was a true professional. She brought “indoor shoes” (a woman after my own heart) and then, she proceeded to LISTEN. As a mom with four children, she completely understood my challenge around the kids (husband included) who drop their stuff EVERYWHERE. She offered me some great tips to help organize their coats, shoes, bags, projects, homework and all that comes with everyday living. She even reached out to her organization group to see if I could offload some quirky items that I’ve been carrying from house to house. Basket overload? Storage room? My tween’s danger-zone bedroom? It’s all coming together. Thank you so much Janice! Can’t wait to have you back! 

Vanessa Bond BA, CNP, NNCP

My de-cluttering experience with Janice was simply wonderful.

My entire wardrobe was organized so now my everyday life is simplified. I must say that Janice is not extreme when it comes to throwing out. She just guides you with organizing principals and lets you decide based on that. This was definitely money well spent. I am enjoying my organized space. And my husband’s smile definitely makes it worth it.

Etty Portowicz

I had the most productive and amazing 3 days with Janice, we diligently went through boxes and other household storage spaces, and with a gentle approach, decided what to keep and what was not necessary, so that I could free up some space in my house and have it a little more organized.  It’s not just the ‘stuff’ you have in your home, it also clutters your mind.  Clearing and donating a lot of things that wouldn’t have served any value to me, was incredible.  I am happy they will serve someone else and have made my stored items easier to find and access when I need them.  I truly appreciate Janice’s professionalism, her privacy and her person-ability.  I would definitely recommend Janice to anyone!

Randi Goodman

Real Estate Sales Representative | International Speaker | 6 Time, #1 International Best Selling Author | Growth Event Producer

Working with Janice was great! She was quick and focused and helped me accomplish a lot in a very short time.   I didn’t even realize how much space I could gain until Janice made suggestions of what to get rid of and how to best use my space.  Janice is professional, efficient and really helped me save time and money!

Leah Rochel Weisberg, RN BScN

Integrative Nurse Psychotherapist & Coach | Owner at Dynamic Health

“Our company is in the process of selling a portion of our office space and hired Janice Savage to assist with packing up some of our files for the move. During this process, we found Janice and her staff to be very professional, courteous, hardworking and attentive to our needs. Although we only required their services for a day and a half, we would not hesitate to use them again in future.”
Brenda Embree

Executive VP, Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc.

“Over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to hire Janice Savage as an Executive Assistant on several occasions. I found her to be professional, diligent and trustworthy. She took the initiative to find creative ways to solve the tasks that I assigned to her without me having to guide her every step. She reported back to me in a timely manner. I highly recommend her.”
Leora Stoll

Stoll Consulting

As an artist, my strength is creative and not organization.  The challenge has been that the systems I put in place 5, or more years ago, might have been “manageable” but with a growing and thriving business, I was feeling overwhelmed and definitely not as productive.  I didn’t have time for this to weigh me down so I took the leap and hired a professional organizer.

I was a little hesitant and nervous to have someone come into my work studio and change things.

I can honestly say that hiring Janice has been one of the best, most productive business decisions I have made.  Her approach was incredibly respectful and yet, extremely efficient and productive.

She considered the way I work and even the different stages/tasks of creating my original art glass. I have zones for each different task- some administrative and some creative so I very much appreciated that she took the time to understand a bit about my artistic process.  I was impressed.

I feel like the work we did in my studio not only decluttered the space but in the end, decluttered my thinking and freed up my energy toward creating.  I am very satisfied with the experience and the results.


Get2Give Glassworks

“Janice did a fantastic job from start to finish organizing my kitchen. Really, I mean re-organizing my kitchen! I called Janice as I was overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin. She came and did a free consultation and listened to all my needs. She took measurements and sent me a detailed, itemized itinerary, and was completely professional and caring about the job, like it was her own home. She called me a few weeks later just to check in with me. I really appreciated it. I would highly recommend Janice for all your home organizing needs.”


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