Finding senior support that suits you

I understand that trusting a stranger with your daily routine and personal errands can be a difficult concept. I also understand that as a senior, your independence is important to you. That’s why I’m dedicated to helping you find the perfect balance between what you feel comfortable managing on your own, and what I can do to give you the best possible lifestyle.

A happy life, no matter what your age

A person’s age should never define their happiness in life. That’s why I provide senior care assistance, giving senior people the opportunity to unwind and relax with fewer daily tasks to manage.

If you’re finding it difficult to manage your daily routine, Savvy Concierge is on call to assist you. As a professional, friendly and experienced senior care assistant, I can remove the pressure from your day-to-day life. I’ll gladly take on some of the tasks that you find more challenging, giving you peace of mind and a chance to do whatever you love doing most!

Helping with your daily routine

My senior support solutions cover a wide range of services, including:

  • Running daily errands
  • Grocery shopping and unpacking
  • Home maintenance
  • Organizing and follow-up appointments
  • Providing a friendly face to trust with your important duties

My concierge support services have been created to provide the very best in senior lifestyle management, so you can rest assured that your loved one is in great hands.

What’s the process for getting started?

When you enquire with Savvy Concierge, you will receive a 1 hour complimentary consultation, which will involve a face-to-face meeting and a discussion about your personal requirements, likes and dislikes, goals, and more. I will also review what you find difficult to manage, and discuss how that can be improved.

Following your consultation, I will take you through a strategic plan of action, which will cover the next steps, how long they will take, estimated costs and mutual roles and responsibilities.

Why choose Savvy Concierge?

I’m experienced in providing outstanding senior assistance. I offer a friendly, non-judgmental attitude, which will ensure seniors needing a little help don’t feel patronized or intimidated.

With my help, seniors can find more time to do the things they enjoy and leave frustrating tasks and responsibilities to someone else. I’ll remove excess pressure from their lives, and create more room for all the good things life has to offer.


To arrange your complimentary 1 hour consultation and to find out how my senior support services can help you, contact me today!

Say goodbye to chores, pressures and burdens, and hello to less stress and more time for you.
Savvy Concierge - Simplify your life.