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A home is somewhere you should be able to unwind and relax, but sometimes, maintaining a home with so many other important responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s time to turn your home into somewhere you enjoy being!

My personal lifestyle management services will help you create a calm, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere to live in, whether it’s in your current home or a home you’re due to move into.

Overrun with clutter? Disorganized rooms? Struggling with storage? No problem! I’m highly experienced with home organizing, and will find the right solutions to help you feel happier in your living space.

What parts of the home can you help me with?

Any! Whether you’re looking for a well designed and organized closet, a decluttered dining room, a practical and useful kitchen, or a perfectly organized playroom, I can assist you with finding a solution that suits your home.

Declutter and breathe

Too much clutter around the home can make you feel cramped, which makes being at home a less-than-enjoyable experience. Let me help you organize your possessions by purging what you no longer need or want. Your unwanted items can either be tossed or donated, giving you more room to breathe, and more space to enjoy.

Organize and smile

In a rush and can’t find your keys? Where did you put that book you were reading? Lost the TV remote again?

It’s so frustrating when you can’t find what you want when you need it! Thankfully, help is at hand. My home maintenance solution guarantees a more organized living space, so you’ll always know where to find the things you need.

But what’s the process?

In order to give you the home you deserve, I’ll need to assess your living space and create an environment tailored to you. Your journey with Savvy Concierge home maintenance will always begin with a complimentary 1 hour consultation, which will include:

  • Face-to-face meeting and tour of your property
  • Assessment of any challenging areas in your home
  • Assessment of the property’s current residents and possessions
  • Discussion about your goals for your home and the timeframe
  • Identifying systemic issues that prevent you from reaching your goals

Throughout your consultation process, I will listen carefully to any storage issues or problem areas in your home, as well as taking note of any emotional ties to your possessions. This will ensure that your next steps will be specifically catered and customized to your personal need.

What comes next after your complimentary consultation?

A plan will be created for you and your home. This will include: what areas of the property require assistance, an estimated timeframe and cost, a work schedule, anticipated supplies, additional services available (e.g. custom closet design), and mutual roles and responsibilities.

You’ll also receive a letter of agreement, which details all pertinent information from your plan and the agreement regarding fees for services. The letter will detail my Cancellation Policy, Oath of Privacy, Confidentiality Agreement and my commitment to working in line with the Code of Ethics for the Professional Organizers of Canada. You will need to read, sign and date this letter prior to commencement of the project. A photo/image release & waiver form will also be supplied for signature.

What happens after the project is completed – After Project Check In (APCI)

3-5 weeks after your project is completed, I will arrange an APCI (After Project Check In). This is the perfect opportunity to see how you’re doing and to organize any follow-up appointments if needed.

Need ongoing help?

If keeping on top of your space is difficult to manage, you may find a fixed appointment is the best option for your needs. I’ll be happy to arrange ongoing help for you that is fully personalized to meet your requirements.


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