Estate Clearing Services

Peace of mind every step of the way

When you’re faced with difficult times, our comprehensive estate clearing service offers you peace of mind and dignity. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from respectfully clearing the estate and prepping a home for sale to helping you move into an inherited house. Our expert team handles all property with great care, while liaising with estate management personnel and family members.

We’ve earned our clients’ trust and confidence as experts in estate closures and estate downsizing. Many of them have relied on our support and have come to trust that we will honour their privacy, as they faced difficult emotional decisions and tremendous grief and loss. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will help you transition without compromising your family’s legacy.

A complete and compassionate service tailored to your needs

We offer a complete service approach to manage all elements of estate clearing and we do it with the utmost empathy. We know these belongings are precious to you and we handle each as if they were our very own.

In times like these, everyone has different needs. That’s why we believe in a customized approach that starts with a complimentary consultation to discuss the estate, regarding future objectives, time lines, and goals, so that our work is tailored to suit your needs and your budget. We draw up a plan for you that can be as comprehensive as you need it to be.

Our empathetic team takes the burden of estate clearing off your shoulders

We can assist in clearing an estate, readying the house for sale or making an inherited home your very own.  As a highly experienced estate organizer, we will:

  • declutter and purge any number of belongings, even in instances where items have amassed to almost unmanageable levels
  • organize, pack and deliver household items that you wish to pass on to others, or arrange for temporary storage if required
  • assist with delivering estate donations as part of your estate plan
  • arrange for appraisers, on-line auctions, and consignment of items
  • pre-stage the home if you plan to sell it, using existing furnishings and items
  • coordinate movers and offer on-site supervision on the day of the move
  • help with garbage removal
  • ensure the property is left tidy and nothing has been forgotten

We truly understand the challenges you face as an executor or family member

Estate clearing can feel insurmountable. Clearing a home full of contents and cherished family mementos is not only emotionally draining, but families are often left with a staggering number of personal tasks to complete in a short time. As the estate trustee or executor, you are entrusted to settle the estate. Let the caring and compassionate professionals at Savvy Concierge allow you to focus on moving forward.

As you move towards new beginnings, our estate clearing team will be there to help you and well do it with respect, compassion and dignity.

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